In case you haven't found an answer for your problem do the following:

  1. Check the Help, normal situations are described there.
  2. Look into the online FAQ, the answer might already be found.
  3. Ask in the user mailing list, others might have solved your or similar cases.
  4. If you already know solutions to the problem submit a patch.
  5. Look in the bug report list if your problem is listed there.
  6. File a new bug report with an as close as possible description and a clear unique subject.


The FAQ can be found here.

User mailing list

The user mailing list is here. Please state in the subject if it's related to the guidelines ("Guidelines:") or one of the samples ("Demo:", "Editor:").

Bugs and Patches

To view previous bug reports or file a new report, click here.
To contribute a patch or view others patches, click here.


In case none of the above satisfy you, mail to Otto Wyss but I can't guarantee you get a useful answer. Keep in mind this software is provided as is.