A demo application showing how to implement the wyoGuide guidelines.


The wyoGuide-Demo application implements the codes samples from all the guidelines. It proves that each guideline can be implemented and it gives an overview how they work from the user's point of view. It can be used to clarify any miss understanding in den guidelines and it shows that fully featured cross-platform applications aren't that difficult or imply much work.

The wyoGuide-Demo application can be taken as a starting base for any new application. Since it only contains code to implement the guidelines and no application code it's easy possible to build any kind of application with it. On the other side it shouldn't be difficult to remove any excess code which might be not needed.

Screen shots

Basic layout with dropped down menu

Multiple tabbed windows with dropped down combo box


Everything and more can be downloaded from sourceforge.net or you can browse the CVS source tree.

New releases

If you want to be informed about new releases best subscribe to wyoGuide at freshmeat.net. If you like it and want to support its wider distribution make a rating there.

Latest info, open issues, etc.

See Readme.txt and ToDo.txt. If you intend to build it yourself don't forget to read BuildInfo.txt in the source package.


To develop the guidelines further I need to know what others think about. What is perfect, what is missing, what is wrong. It would be nice if could write your experience after some use into the wyoGuide mailing list (see feedback).


Written by Otto Wyss, see support section.