A cross-platform editor with a well-designed and consistent look and feel.


wyoEditor is especially designed to be easy usable through a well-designed GUI and is cross-platform to be used on many different platforms (e.g. Linux, MacOS, Windows). wyoEditor uses wxScintilla, an editing component of wxCode, which itself is based on the Scintilla library. The base features are:

The editing features are defined through the use of Scintilla and therefore its features. The important ones are about:


Basic layout with dropped down menu

Multiple tabbed windows with dropped down combo box

Multiple tabbed windows with Windows menu


Help, Introduction

Help, Impressum


Everything and more can be downloaded from sourceforge.net or you can browse the CVS source tree.

New releases

If you want to be informed about new releases best subscribe to wyoEditor at freshmeat.net. If you like it and want to support its wider distribution make a rating there.

Latest info, open issues, etc.

See Readme.txt and ToDo.txt. If you intend to build it yourself don't forget to read BuildInfo.txt in the source package.


To develop wyoEditor further I need to know what others think about. What is perfect, what is missing, what is wrong. It would be nice if could write your experience after some use into the wyoGuide mailing list (see feedback).

How to change the syntax colouring of a language

The syntax colouring within the editor is partially hard coded. You may only change the colour (fonts, etc) of a certain type. If a language doesn't use the correct type, you have to make request for enhancement with the needed information.

First go to the source and locate your language type table (just take your time until you really understand it). All entries start with "mySTC_TYPE_", sometimes entries are followed with a comment. Now either the entry type or the comment has an analog entry within the properties files of Scite. Be carefully the properties files are named after the lexer (i.e. wxSTC_LEX_HTML = properties.html) and not after your language.

When you have found both locations, try to figure out which SciTe style matches which wyoEditor type. It might be that there isn't an similar type, than suggest a new one but keep in mind that I think a normal human can't grasps the meaning of more than seven types. Look first at any of the others before you suggest new ones.

When you have figured it out, you may make a patch (see support section) or simply copy the changed language type table to a message to the mailing list.


Written by Otto Wyss, see support section.