Applications list

This is a list of applications which use the wyoGuide guidelines. That not necessarily means that any application fully complies to the guidelines. It means that an application applies the guidelines where considered useful.

Currently there's no verification established but this may change when the necessary resources are available. The sorting is done in submission date order yet this may change in the future as well. The list is open to either OpenSource, free and commercial applications albeit there's no right granted for acceptance and publication of a submission (see bottom).

Added Name/Author Vendor Description
2003-09-30 wyoEditor
Otto Wyss
Logo: wyoGuide A programmer's editor with a well-designed and consistent look and feel.
2004-05-04 Gungirl Sequencer
Richard Spindler
Logo: Gungirl Sequencer Multitrack Audio/Loop Sequencer
2004-06-10 Audacity
Dominic Mazzoni
Logo: Audacity Superb Audio Editor
2004-12-27 wyoFiler
Otto Wyss
Logo: wyoDesktop A filer showing the directory hierarchy and the files in the same tree window.
2006-06-28 ECMerge
Elliť Computing
Logo: ECMerge Comparison and merge software.
2006-08-15 Xara Xtreme
Xara Ltd and others
Logo: ECMerge Xara Xtreme is a fully featured vector and bitmap graphics editor, with a slick user interface, and an immensely fast graphics rendering engine.


If you agree to use the wyoGuide guidelines and and want your application(s) be listed, send a mail to the users mailing list (see support section) with the following information: