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wyoGuide is a guide and a tutorial for developing well-designed cross-platform applications. Where possible any guideline is accompanied with sample code. The included fully working demo application applies all these guidelines and is well suited as a starting code base for your own projects.

The main goal of wyoGuide is to show how to develop the GUI of your application suitable for any platform. Development with these guidelines gives your application a professional set of base functionality. Application applying these guidelines should allow for ease of use, so a user might immediately feel comfortable.

There is no limitation to use these guidelines with other languages or with other frameworks. The only obstacle is you have to write any code yourself until somebody volunteers to submit code samples to wyoGuide. So far there is only code written in C++ using the wxWidgets framework.

wyoGuide is a work in progress which means not all functionality is specified yet. This leaves a lot of room for improvement if you feel so. wyoGuide is thought for helping you but it's also thought for you to help others. Any suggestion for improvement is welcomed (see feedback). These guidelines should and hopefully will get to a state where they simply are just usable.


To access the guidelines you have the following possibilities:


The wyoGuide-Demo is a fully working sample application applying all the guidelines. You can examine the code to get more insight, need to know how something is done best or use it as the starting code base for your own applications. Using it as a starting code base but don't need all features you might simply remove the excess code you don't need.

List of applications

Some OpenSource and commercial applications already use the guidelines. See here.

Published papers

2005-05-07 (wyo) Article about cross-platform programming published on

Latest news

2006-06-28 (wyo) The list of applications which apply the guidelines got a new layout and new entries are added.

2006-01-20 (wyo) The Cross-platform, the freedom to choose any computer pamphlet has been published.

2006-01-19 (wyo) A cross-platfom wiki has been added to the wyoGuide project.


2003-09-30 (wyo) First public announcement and release of wyoEditor.

2003-01-31 (wyo) Initial start of this project under the name wxGuide.